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About Luxhay Ltd

Luxhay was formed in 2013 to provide turnaround and transformation services to the NHS.


round 2006/2007 a number of NHS organisations were introduced to commercial turnaround directors as the Strategic Health Authorities at the time searched for new methods of bringing challenged NHS finances back into balance. The NHS Turnaround Director was born. At the time, I was directly involved in supporting the turnaround process in Oxford, which, unlike many, was a positive experience.

The turnaround process coupled with over 25 years in the NHS fuelled my interest in adapting and developing transformation and turnaround models for the NHS. To provide services to support chief executives and Boards empower their teams to work through a change process that requires something in addition to, or different from, existing management capacity and/or experience. And, importantly, discarding the singular “directive” approach applied by many turnaround professionals in favour of sustainable delivery linked to operational development rather than purely financial drivers.

The future is to continue to develop the change models, adapting restructuring techniques to meets the specific needs of each client we work with. To develop advisory services linked to operational and financial restructuring specific to healthcare. To work with other commercial providers to create new service propositions to support greater value for the NHS.

– Simon Wombwell FCMA CGMA

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What we do:

Work with senior NHS providers to identify and implement operational and strategic change to support financial improvement targets.

Applying a tailored approach to each organisation – there isn’t a one size fits all. Certain change disciplines are essential but we recognise that how they are implemented and the solutions has to be unique to each organisation.


What we do:

Support commercial organisations to understand and access the NHS, helping to shape the market offering, pricing and accessing networks.

The NHS has a unique culture with a strict code of governance. We can support marketing of products and services to the NHS and positioning to decision-makers.

“The expertise that Simon provided was priceless.”

carl paxton

Musgrove Park Hospital