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Large Specialist Teaching Trust in the Midlands


The Trust set a target to deliver a 4% savings programme but progress had been limited due to the prioritisation of operational pressures. The brief was to apply a supportive style (working with operational divisions) to deliver the target. Following a review of progress, governance and process, targets were reissued to operational teams with short term goals to show progress towards these targets. Several ‘cross cutting’ themes were identified with indicative targets and workstream areas to stimulate discussion and create progress, with weekly ‘catch ups’ put in place to stimulate pace and action. Over 12 weeks a programme of savings workstreams were identified to meet the £41m target; however, the pace of the development meant this was not without risk. A risk assessment template was developed to test the £41m plan. In recognition of the identified risk a session was developed for the senior management team (including senior clinicians) to review key schemes to test whether we could go ‘further, faster’ and/or stimulate new ideas. As a result, we identified a pipeline of work to maintain workstream development and add to the initial £41m. A further process of structured specialty reviews (facilitating specialty team reviews of performance metrics) was implemented to generate further schemes for development. The objective was to create a flow of ideas for development through the year to underpin the delivery risk and support a programme to meet future targets. In parallel to the above a process of delivery and performance monitoring was established using monthly reviews with each service area.

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